An Divine Definition

After the screening, Jolie, who says she renewed her faith in «the divine» during filming, briefly met with the pope. Nothing can be done without the divine Afflatus, and much of it. Here he is adorned with a life of strict simplicity and divine benevolence, the doctrine he advocated. Middle English, English-French and Latin; Anglo-French guess, from the Latin divinare, from divinus, name – see divine entry 1 «To be wrong is human, divinely forgiven» means that everyone makes mistakes, but we should try to be like God and forgive each other. Divine basically means referring to God or a God, coming from Him, or loving Him. Divine also has an old-fashioned and informal meaning of being very good or pleasant, as in «She looked absolutely divine in her blue and white robe.» It is an adjective that dates back to Middle English, borrowed from the old French guess, from the Latin dÄ«vÄ«nus «divine, foreseeing», to dÄ « vus « Dieu ». In the 1980s, your community let hundreds of thousands of us die because you believed AIDS was divine punishment. It served as a kind of mandala – a configuration of symbols designed to direct the viewer`s attention to something divine or transcendent. When a popular Sunni TV preacher does so, it is divine to forgive. Only the Gospel unites them in the right way «through divine art».

foresee, foresee, anticipate divinely, foresee, foresee, know in advance. It does not imply anything about how knowledge is derived and can be applied to ordinary thought and experience. Economists should have predicted the recession, which usually involves supernatural help, as if by revelation. If we could only foresee our own destiny, the Divine adds to foreseeing the suggestion of extraordinary wisdom or discernment. could see that Europe`s speedy recovery from war presupposes that it means acting or reacting emotionally to something before it happens. The server anticipated our needs, Izanagi and Izanami continued to create more land masses and give birth to other divine beings, giving shape to Japan`s eight main islands and more than 800 kami. Any help you encounter is a stupid chance or divine intervention, and you shouldn`t bet the farm to get one. The term namaste, often used at the end of yoga classes, can be seen as a reference to the divine. One translation of the feeling is: «The divine light in me honors the divine light in you.» Therefore, the word recognizes the belief that there is a spark of divinity in every individual. Beyoncé has been an entertainment deity for nearly a decade: untouchable, successful, divine. It seems unlikely that Allah will enter into a «personal» relationship with Muslims who voluntarily submit to God`s will.

The concept of the divine in yoga is closely related to the concepts of Atman and Brahman. Atman is the individual self, consciousness or soul, while Brahman is universal consciousness or absolute reality. Because Atman and Brahman are infinite, they are ultimately the same thing. Through yoga, it is possible to connect with the divine of the individual self (atman) and achieve unity with the universal consciousness (brahman). Self-respect in man is ultimately based on respect for the Divine. Middle English divine, Anglo-French, Latin divinus, divus god – more with divinity A low and naturalistic idea of the divine is suitable for immoral purposes. In the 14th century, in the sense defined in transitive sense 1, Mendel`s genius resided in the recognition of the simple ground rules that allow us to think intelligently about heredity. Divine is a word used to describe something (or someone) that has the attributes of a god or deity. The word can also refer to a particular God, a supreme being, or a universal power. Some yogic teachings say that there is an element of the Divine in everyone. Practicing yoga is a way to connect with this inner divinity. In integral yoga, for example, the goal is to integrate the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of oneself in order to connect with the divine within.