Apprise Noun Definition

The night was exceptionally cold, but they did not dare to light a fire so that it would not inform their enemies of their presence. We met – some NSC staff members stayed in touch with Jennifer Harbury in February to inform her of the status of some of the diplomatic contacts we had in Guatemala. Tomorrow, the symphonies can be tried at the Archduke`s house, if I can get out, which I will inform you. She met with graduates on January 22 to brief them on costs and funding strategies. (I love the word «learned,» it sounds so official.) Don`t confuse the verbs learn and evaluate. To evaluate means to determine the value of something – either its quality or its monetary value. Informing, on the other hand, means informing or raising awareness. This word has a more formal and heavy tone. Presidents will be briefed on foreign affairs, but you probably won`t be informed about weather conditions or plans for dinner. Today`s best social media monitoring tools keep you up to date with relevant conversations so you can`t miss anything and stay one step ahead of the stories. This is not a high-confidence forecast, with an atmospheric configuration as is, but we will keep you informed of changes in timing and precipitation this weekend.

The labels inform me about their contents: ammonia molybdenite, antimony chloride, potash permanganate and so many other strange terms. Jiu, who had a «close relationship» with Chávez, was «cautious about close contact with the US embassy» and was «quietly considered» at the suggestion that China could inform the US before selling communications satellites to Venezuela. They also inform him of his confirmation as «governor of our plantation» and the names of the board members who joined him. To inform someone of something means to fill it, to give them the ball. If someone in your immediate family wins the Mega Bucks lottery, you want to be the first to be notified of this event! Evaluations/Evaluations: Evaluating means determining the value of something; Knowing means informing others of something. Shouldn`t we flee to Dresden and inform the Polish majesty? informing, getting to know, informing, notifying means drawing your attention to something. To inform means to transmit knowledge, especially facts or events. Informed us of the crisis Knowledge attaches great importance to getting acquainted with them or getting to know them. Getting familiar with the keyboard means communicating something of particular interest or importance.

Keep us informed of the situation Notifying involves sending a notification about something that requires attention or action. Notify the witness when to appear There was no reasonable reason to inform the jury of these details. Unlocking the courtyard door would inform us of a security guard`s entry before he could observe Wingie in my cell. There could be isolated floods, so stay tuned for them. French learned, participates past to learn to learn, teach, from old French to take As a singer, Aquino wastes no time informing the public about the misery of life. «Epidemic» vs. «Pandemic» vs. «Endemic»: What do these terms mean? In a note informing employees of McNeil`s resignation, Baquet and Times editor Joe Kahn included the neutral standard of intent cited above.

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