Who Is the Best Tax Lawyer in Florida

Recognition by Best Lawyers is based entirely on peer review. Our methodology is designed to capture as accurately as possible the consensus opinion of leading lawyers on the professional skills of their peers in the same geographic area and area of law. Our legal team represents individuals and businesses in tax matters nationwide before state and federal tax authorities. We also handle civil and criminal tax disputes in the U.S. District Court and the U.S. District Tax Court. Our lawyers can also assist you with tax planning in a variety of financial matters. Making plans for the end of life can be difficult, but it`s also one of the best ways to stay calm. Having a will or trust is not only something you need at the end of life, you can prepare. Frost & Associates provides a full range of corporate and corporate services to clients in Washington, D.C., Florida, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Does your business have an experienced and reliable tax lawyer to manage your books, help you perform an audit, and interpret IRS and state tax codes? If you have a tax matter pending with the IRS or the State Department of Revenue, you will need legal representation from a lawyer who is knowledgeable and experienced in your particular legal issue.

Ronald Cutler is a licensed lawyer, accountant, and former FBI special agent who has handled state and federal tax matters for more than 50 years. Whatever problem you`re facing, chances are Ronald Cutler has already looked into it and knows how to help you find an effective solution to your tax problem. Contact our Florida tax lawyers today, we serve Daytona Beach, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa and Miami, we can help. [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=»no» equal_height_columns=»no» menu_anchor=» hide_on_mobile=»kleine_Sichtbarkeit,mittlere_Sichtbarkeit,big e_Sichtbarkeit» class=» » id=» » background_color=» » background_image=» » background_position=»Middle Center» background_repeat=»no repetition» fade=»no» background_parallax=»none» parallax_speed=»0.3″ video_mp4=» » video_webm=» » video_ogv=» » video_url=» » video_aspect_ratio=»16:9″ video_loop=»yes» video_mute=»yes» overlay_ color=» » video_ preview_image=» » border_size=» » border_color=» » border_style=»solid» padding_top=» » padding_bottom=» » padding_left=» » F. We operate a registered nonprofit under the name 501(c)(3), and the IRS asserts that the amount of compensation paid to agents is unreasonable. How do they determine that? One. If you are the owner of the property, or if your claim is higher than the other person`s claim, you may be able to recover the property by filing an administrative action with the IRS for an illegal levy. You can also sue in federal court. In some cases, you may be able to recover the property as well as any damage caused by the illegal transfer. You should act quickly by consulting an experienced tax lawyer.

There is a short delay to claim an illegal levy after the seizure of the property. One. In most cases, your refund for the current year will be applied to the taxes you owe from a previous year and will not be distributed to you. One. It depends on the error. If you made a mistake, such as claiming the wrong filing status, entering the wrong amount of income, or claiming the wrong number of deductions or credits, you should probably file an amended 1040X return. If you made a calculation error or forgot to include a form or schedule that was required with your return, there may be ways to resolve the problem without having to submit a corrected return. Call Ronald Cutler, P.A. to discuss your specific issue. Mr.

Cutler is not only a lawyer who resolves tax matters with the government, but also a CPA who assists individuals and businesses with tax preparation, including filing amended tax returns as needed. All Tax, All the Time – Experienced lawyers are available to help you resolve your tax issues – Call today to get started Best Lawyers uses a sophisticated, conscientious, rational and transparent survey process that aims to obtain meaningful and substantial assessments of the quality of legal services. We have always believed that the quality of a peer-reviewed survey is directly related to the quality of voters. A tax issue is not a legal issue that you want to postpone. Tax problems can get worse; Penalties and interest can accumulate over time, and the possibility of bank withdrawals, garnishments, etc. increases exponentially. At Ronald Cutler, P.A., we are here to meet with you if you need us seven days a week, offering weekend appointments for those who work during the week and cannot separate for a meeting with their attorney. Call 386-490-9949 for a free consultation on your tax issue and get the help you need for an effective solution, let our Florida tax lawyers help you.

Q. The IRS seized property in which I had an interest and tried to sell it to collect taxes owed by the previous owner. Can they do that? I first retained Mary King`s law firm to resolve some tax issues and was very pleased with the quality of service and results. Mary and her staff have always gone out of their way to help you. I can`t thank them enough for everything they`ve done for me and my family to make our lives a little better. Q. If I am currently participating in a remittance agreement or payment plan with the IRS, can I still get my tax refund? The IRS has many tools at its disposal if it believes you owe taxes, including garnishing your salary, debiting your bank accounts, and setting up liens on your valuable property. If you have a problem with a disputed or unfiled tax return, a VAT dispute, a payroll tax issue or any other tax issue, our office can help. For more than 40 years, Ronald Cutler has dealt with tax matters, handling matters before the IRS, the Florida Department of Revenue, and state and federal courts, including the U.S. Tax Court. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by affected taxpayers who want to avoid problems with the IRS or state government.

If you have further questions, or if you have an urgent tax matter that requires immediate attention, call Ronald Cutler, PA at 386-490-9949 for a free consultation. Corporate tax lawyers already know how to keep records, understand corporate tax obligations, and what is required of your business from a tax perspective. Interest, penalties, verifications and disputes are possible penalties in case of error. Q. Does the Florida Department of Revenue offer a payment plan for overdue sales tax payments? Compliance with reporting requirements for offshore accounts has become increasingly difficult in recent years. And if you haven`t complied with compliance, you may still have to make tough decisions about joining one of the IRS`s limited amnesty programs. At Ronald Cutler, P.A., our clients receive personalized service throughout their performance. When you call Ronald Cutler, PA, you are talking to someone who is personally involved in your case and is familiar with the issues you face. Our tax and IRS attorneys in Florida work diligently to resolve your issue and achieve a positive outcome. The death of a loved one is always a difficult time. Emotions can run high, especially if you`re trying to manage estate settlement and make sure your loved ones take care of them.

There is no room for error when it comes to corporate taxation. Most people have heard of a power of attorney, often in medical dramas on television, but that doesn`t mean they have a good understanding of what a power of attorney is or how it`s used. Let our knowledgeable Florida tax attorney, experienced accountant, and former FBI special agent help you. Implement disability plans to manage the client`s finances and personal needs in the unfortunate event that the client becomes physically or mentally incapacitated.