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Our workplace council organizes free legal aid for qualified employees and employers. In the event of a workplace incident, our team understands the importance of getting the right advice and will work to resolve your issue as quickly and discreetly as possible. We work with employers on all aspects of MHS compliance. This includes developing and reviewing safety policies, formulating and delivering fully customized MHS training (including at the board level), and providing technically sound and commercially sound MHS advice. Occupational health and safety (OSH) is an area of critical importance to all employers. This can result in considerable legal and reputational risks. These risks include material penalties, negative publicity and exclusion from government and commercial tenders. In order to fully comply with the requirements of WS legislation, all bondholders within an organization must take proactive steps to ensure safety. This includes risk assessment, advice, training, instruction and supervision. Obliged entities must be able to put in place safe working systems and demonstrate that safety has been taken into account in the conduct of their activities. Failure to comply may result in fines, legal fees and investigation costs. Your security processes should cover all facets of your business and be systematic but achievable to ensure compliance.

Failure to comply with federal and state safety laws, especially in cases where an injury has occurred in the workplace, often results in significant lawsuits and penalties. For this reason, it may be beneficial to seek legal advice in the event of an accident to ensure that you meet your obligations during a work coverage exam. The Board cannot give you legal advice or recommend a lawyer. We don`t have lawyers or paid agents you can hire. Watkins Tapsell acts for both employers and employees, providing preventative advice to ensure that all SEBs (individuals running a business or business) understand their responsibilities and meet their duties and obligations under health and safety laws. At FCB Group, we take an interdisciplinary approach to SHM to provide companies with a full range of services. This means that we are not only able to help when things go wrong, but also provide the kind of advice that prevents things from going wrong: employers and businesses have specific legal obligations under the WHS Act. Find out where you can get legal advice in your state or territory. Find out if you are entitled to free legal aid. At Stacks Law Firm, we have the distinct advantage of having a large team of highly experienced lawyers who are experts in workers` compensation law. Our employment lawyers draw on the experience of these specialists, who have treated all types of injuries in all kinds of industries. These lawyers have often conducted very detailed investigations into infringement claims, and this knowledge is passed on to our clients.

This knowledge helps us ensure that our advice provides pragmatic and reasonable solutions for workplace safety. Stacks Law Firm has employment lawyers who have experience in providing WHS advice. We work closely with workplace consultants to provide you with a complete WHS solution. If your business is being investigated or prosecuted for an alleged violation of health and safety laws, we will defend your rights and provide you with prompt and efficient service at a difficult time for your business. Remember that consultation must be regular and ongoing. We have recently worked for a number of organizations, including public and private sector employers, on various EWS issues. The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requires strict compliance. An employer must ensure the health, safety and well-being of its employees at work.

As of May 13, 34 Australian workers have been killed on the job in 2021. Each year, there are more than 100 workplace fatalities and thousands of work-related injuries affecting workers and stakeholders. Some workplaces hold regular all-employee meetings, sometimes referred to as «toolbox discussions,» while others establish health and safety committees (HSCs) or elect health and safety officers (HSOs) to consult with management and represent safety concerns. It is important to reach an agreement that best meets the needs of your employees. Our technology product, enableHR, can also provide companies with an online WHS management solution that helps them manage their SHM commitments with easy-to-use guides, policies, tools and templates tailored to specific industries. Most importantly, the system sends an alert when these documents need to be updated, which can help ensure that the company is still compliant with Australian laws and/or regulations in the workplace. An employer and/or a person carrying on a business or business (SEBP) must consult with workers if they are or are likely to be affected by a situation that affects their health and safety. And workers must have the opportunity to express their views and contribute to all decisions about their health and safety. While the intent of the law and the penalties imposed for violating the law are very clear, in reality, how can you be sure that your business is fully compliant? Are you managing operations appropriately to prevent a violation of the law? Wage theft is a growing problem in Australia and is estimated to cost up to $1.4 billion a year! Salary theft is a highly inappropriate label that can damage your brand and reputation.

If you are a member of a union or employer association, you can ask if one of their employees can represent you. Our team is also qualified to advise on compliance documentation and assist in the defense of criminal prosecutions. The Council of Community Legal Centres of South Australia It is not enough to deal with these risks reactively in the event of an accident – employers must establish and maintain a sophisticated safety management system. This includes the development and effective promulgation of policies and procedures, the training of employees in the safety management system, and the implementation of a process of verification and continuous improvement. In the event of a problem, we have a team of experienced lawyers who can represent and defend both a company and its executives in the prosecution of the WHS regulator and Corona investigations. In New South Wales, if a company is found to have failed to comply with regulations, it can be fined up to $550,000. At FCB Group, we specialize in working with our clients to help them develop an in-depth knowledge of SHM that strengthens and protects their business. Violations of the legislation can expose your organization and your directors or managers to significant financial penalties.

and disruption of productivity and the impact on workers` compensation premiums. Our WHS consultants specialize in reviewing workplaces and workplace safety systems. During this process, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific business needs and objectives. This allows us to develop an effective but sustainable MHS management system for them, reducing the likelihood of something going wrong. At the same time, we focus on providing a system that is fit for the infrastructure and resources available. Coleman Greig`s health and safety team can help you minimize your exposure to workplace incidents by providing: The best systems are those developed by a company in collaboration with workers. It`s not rocket science, just a method of conveying simple safety messages, information and support to workers. At Coleman Greig, our approach to SHM is about understanding your entire business and the different factors that can affect it. In this context, we can advise and implement practical solutions to security problems that correspond to the overall objectives of your organization. For more details on our full range of services and how we can help you, contact our team below. In the event of an incident, we also represent employers at all stages of the investigation and prosecution process, including the defence in court. For specific legislation on UCPB obligations, see sections 70 to 74 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2011.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services Our added strength as WHS lawyers is understanding due diligence systems and managing events once a WH&S issue has arisen, allowing us to ensure that our clients provide a safe workplace for all employees. You do not need a lawyer when you appear before the Board. Many people choose to represent themselves. As experts in labour law and EWS law, our lawyers can: Occupational health and safety laws impose strict requirements on employers, controllers and self-employed persons to ensure the health, safety and well-being of people (e.g. employees, visitors, contractors and others) in the workplace. The legislation also requires designers, manufacturers and suppliers of products and equipment to ensure that the final product is safe when used correctly. For example, any changes to equipment, including for hazard control purposes, must be discussed with workers before they are made. Workers must also be involved in any discussion of facility adequacy. There are also general health and safety laws that apply to you in any situation, including when you support HSRs. This section contains links to all the relevant health and safety legislation you need. You may want to try some of the following organizations in your state or region.